Hobbies; an important space to forget about anxiety

Hobbies; an important space to forget about anxiety


  • 1 Your special talent
  • 2 What is a hobby?
  • 3 Benefits of practicing a hobby

Your special talent

They say that we all have a special talent. Surely you remember that when you were a child, you stood out for being the best in the class at something: Perhaps you were the best artist, the one who best declared, the best in swimming, or the one who stole the applause at school festivals because of the way That you played some instrument.

Time passed and maybe you forgot that; the routine, the children, the debts and the eagerness of each day moved you away from what you loved to do in your leisure time. Big mistake: They are those spaces those that connect you with yourself, those that take you away from daily stress and those who remind you of the child inside you, the one who, even if you don't believe, can be your savior in the day's worries.

What is a hobby?

But, What is a hobby? According to the Royal Academy of Language, it is a “hobby or entertainment that is usually practiced in leisure time" Its importance is that, by doing what you are passionate about, you can take your worries, stress and anxiety away from your mind for a while by focusing on an activity that relaxes you and makes you a creative being. Even taking time to listen to music can raise your mood!

The lack of daily motivation and its consequent inactivity is a source of personal frustration, which in many cases leads to the development of depressive symptoms and anxiety that, on occasion, end up presenting genuine affective disorders among people who suffer from it. If a person does not have a hobby, it can be a risk to their mental health.

Benefits of practicing a hobby

That is why, this time we share some of the great benefits that hobbies or hobby cause in your emotional and physical health.

  1. They disconnect us from daily routine, stress and anxiety
  2. They help mental health, fighting depression and nervousness
  3. They promote discipline and creativity
  4. They contribute to mental balance by allowing us to live the moment without worries
  5. They improve social life and therefore the quality of life
  6. Avoid sedentary lifestyle, loneliness, isolation
  7. promote physical and emotional health, by generating inner peace

It is important to mention that there are infinite types of hobbies according to the personality characteristics of each individual: there are outdoors, others that require a lot of concentration; the artistic, scientific, team or absolutely silent. Some of these Not only can they be performed to entertain, but they usually favor having an active mind and body.

Remember that it's never too late to start, if you don't have a hobby yet you don't need to be professional, you just need to feel love towards a hobby, dedicate yourself body and soul in the time you dedicate. If you think it is too late, we will let you know that this is not the case, on the contrary, the older the person is, the more it is recommended to have a hobby, all you need is to choose one according to your vocation and age ...