Is it dangerous to overprotect children?

Is it dangerous to overprotect children?

In today's article, we are going to talk about a topic that can be a bit controversial. This is the discussion about whether it is dangerous to overprotect children or not. And, we advance the answer from now, yes, it is dangerous. So read carefully!


  • 1 Millennials and the era of the offended
  • 2 What is the reason?
  • 3 So ... How should I educate my children?

Millennials and the era of the offended

In a recent study, it was shown that millennials (the generation that goes from the late 80s to the late 90s), it is the generation that is most easily offended by everything, and that less capacity for self-criticism and resistance to painful situations has.

Naturally, when a study says that the generation that has had absolutely everything (compared to past generations) is the most socially disabled generation, we must reflect.

And that is what we are going to do in the next section.

For what is this?

One of the main reasons for the most prepared and easiest generation in history to be the society with the finest skin is that The parents have overprotected them. That is the conclusion reached in the article.

And it is a fairly reasonable hypothesis. The previous generation was a generation that could have a more or less "unburdened" life, and, when they had their children, they wanted give them everything possible to have the best life possible.

What father wouldn't want that for his children? However, along with that, we must talk about an education based on not contradicting the child, not showing himself as an authority figure in front of him, and trying to make concessions to make him happy.

It may seem that this is exaggerated, but it is not. From the best-selling baby items to the pedagogy techniques that have been popularizing since that time, everything points in the same direction: Have the little ones between cottons.

What happens next? Very simple: The child grows up in a family that gives him everything he needs, without having too many “brakes” around him, and, when he reaches a sufficient age to face society, he becomes frustrated.

It is normal, society is not willing to make as many concessions as his parents, but he hopes so. And, as a result, a whole generation of young people appears who believe that the world owes them something ... for absolutely nothing.

So ... How should I educate my children?

The above can be a bit serious. It may seem to you that what we are saying is that you have to "frustrate" children from an early age. And the truth is that the solution is not that either. In the end, What father would not want to give his children the best?

What you have to do is understand that children need to learn to deal with the "no" since childhood, because society is not going to give them everything they want because yes, once they are older.

Therefore, the most advisable thing is to try to give them everything they need, but without giving in to whims. And, of course, being able to tell them no when necessary (which is quite often, by the way).

With this, the child grows up learning that others are not in the world to fulfill his will, and creates a person much more capable of living in society.

As you can see, overprotect the little ones from home it may seem logical and natural. However, if we want them to, when they grow up, be people capable of fending for themselves, it is best not to overprotect them.