Practical advice to fight stress

Practical advice to fight stress

No doubt we live in times marked by a phenomenon that does not go unnoticed, especially in cities, we talk about stress.

Although there is a lot of talk about him, we rarely put into practice some methods that can help us better manage this state so distressing that our life is not as relaxed as it could be. The worries of tomorrow, the pace of life or a bad diet, directly or indirectly influence our well-being thereby reducing our quality of life. It is true that we are increasingly informed as well as aware of its existence, however if there is something we should know is that we can fight it many times with habits that although they may seem routine will bring us benefits.

We already know that our quality of life depends on many factors, but above all it depends on our attitude in the face of circumstances That life is presenting us.

Many situations cause us stress, some even manifesting physically and accused. Let's not forget that we are human, we have a mind and a body to take care of. Then I would like to give you some small and modest tips to fight a little against that great enemy that is installed today. You will see that they are several tips and that most of them have them within you. Your attitude is the key:

  • We must live the present: You cannot change the past or guess the future. Do not insist or tire your mind to think about it. Enjoy the present because it is what you live, the here and now.
  • Concentration: Focus your mind on your affairs, not on the affairs of others, sometimes we waste too much time thinking about others, especially what they think or think about whether I say or do something.
  • Relaxation techniques: Needless to say, relaxation techniques can help you. There are many, I recommend for example breathing exercises as well as the famous yoga, which brings so many benefits.
  • Security: Think that if you feel confident in your projects, the stress will not be so much. There is nothing better than feeling confident about any event that may arise.
  • Do not criticize: Yes, as you read it, criticizing others could increase your stress, so make your life and on your way.
  • Out grudges: Try to make old grudges disappear, these as well as criticism will attract negativity and we already know that this is not good.
  • Be grateful: Don't be greedy, you have what you have and for that thank life what you have.
  • Feel the love: Show love to yours, they expect love from you as you expect to receive it too.
  • A massage: Without a doubt, a massage is a good tool to fight stress, contractures and relax.
  • Be yourself: Do not try to pretend or get tired pretending something you are not.
  • Listen to CDs of relaxation.

David Alvarez Therapist

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