The integration of the cerebral hemispheres increases our quality of life

The integration of the cerebral hemispheres increases our quality of life

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Albert Einstein


  • 1 What does it mean to integrate the hemispheres?
  • 2 With which function group do you identify more?
  • 3 Benefits of brain integration
  • 4 What can we do to stimulate the integration of the two hemispheres?

What does it mean to integrate the hemispheres?

It means favoring the connection between the two cerebral hemispheres, the left and the right. We are going to see in broad strokes what we talk about when we talk about cerebral hemispheres.

On a structural level our brain is formed by the right and left hemisphere, both are connected by the central part, which allows information from one to the other and, together, process the globality of the world. Each hemisphere is specialized in a series of functions.

The left hemisphere is moreanalytical, is in charge of the most rational part, logic, works with words, is more rigid, etc. instead, the right hemisphere is responsible for creative functions, it is more intuitive, perceptive, works with metaphorical and symbolic language, with images, is more flexible and, in short, more holistic.

While the left hemisphere will be activated more to do tasks such as mathematical calculations, data analysis, supermarket purchase, etc. the right hemisphere will become more active when we listen to music, when we paint a picture, when we daydream, etc.

With which group of functions do you identify more?

In our western society, the use of certain functions in the absence of others has been strengthened and reinforced, suggesting that some were “better” than others, those of the left hemisphere above those of the right, thus what is called the dominant hemisphere. The functions of the right hemisphere have been labeled as "childish", probably because during the first years of life it is the hemisphere that directs us.

After decades this operation has been established in the knowledge that we transmit to each other, especially in theeducation that we give to the little ones, empowering the left hemisphere from an early age, and in thevalues We idolize

Let's see an example, it is customary to positively value being a perfectionist, especially in the workplace, this feature will mean being analytical, meticulous, rigid, anxious, etc., nobody would go to say that this is not positive, since it can give an excellent work result but at what price? And I'm not saying that this is bad in itself, but the opposite, but unfortunately this operation eclipses other functions, the most intuitive, perceptive, distended, etc. and this does cause a problem, since we stop perceiving the world as a whole, diminishing ourperception and learning ability.

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Benefits of brain integration

When we integrate the two hemispheres we feel in harmony, a fact that happens when the parties communicate well. Then we feel flexible, calm, connected with ourselves and with our environment, we interact better with others as it increases our capacity for empathy, we perceive holistically, etc.

What can we do to stimulate the integration of the two hemispheres?

As we say, each cerebral hemisphere is specialized in carrying out a series of tasks, therefore To promote the right hemisphere, which is the most deprived, we can do the following:

  • Reflect: reflection gives space to generate subjective and creative responses.
  • Imagine: We can do it through reading metaphors, poetry, or alone.
  • Make use of the sense of humor
  • Consciously breathe: breathing is par excellence one of the great enhancers of the right hemisphere, as well as doing relaxation and meditation exercises that promote body awareness and the activation of the parasympathetic system, a system that relaxes us.
  • Feel the silence: promotes one's conscience
  • Enjoy art: give us time to listen to music without doing anything else, look at works of art that we like, read novels, etc. Choose the art you like.