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What is meant by spiritual emergency?

What is meant by spiritual emergency?

It is a term coined by Dr. Stanislav Grof (psychiatrist) and his wife Cristina Grof. They dedicated part of their life to work as therapists and researchers in the field of non-ordinary consciousness and personal transformation. They defined this term as a critical and experimentally difficult stage of profound psychological transformation. A moment of crisis within the process of spiritual awakening. This can take the form of non-ordinary states of consciousness and involve unusual thoughts. May appear fears, feelings of loneliness, emptiness, feeling of losing the sense of reality or even feeling of depersonalization.

These evolutionary and growth crises break into affecting everyday life and our relationships generating great disturbance, discomfort and often pain. It is when the defenses weaken and the "I" gives rise to the sudden and sudden irruption of unconscious contents and the process becomes more critical, but at the same time the opportunity for transformation opens up. The intensity and duration of it depends on the people, their circumstances and the interpretation they make of them.

This experience is caused by our soul that pushes from the depths and seeks to express itself more fully by destroying old patterns, looking for new and wider vessels or structures that contain it. Giving space to a new identity or perception of reality more expanded and integrated, a fuller way of being.

The spiritual emergency can be understood as a complication in a natural evolutionary process. Normal would be a gradual development. But what distinguishes the "spiritual emergency" is precisely its sudden, acute and total appearance that presents itself as a vital crisis.

Regrettably the traditional medical model does not take into account the spiritual dimension, completely excludes it from its definitions.

This is how many times instead of accompanying these processes with a loving and fully present look, attending to their needs, the shutter with medication and inappropriate interpretations. Here a clear distinction between diseases such as psychosis and a spiritual emergency is important.

What situations can trigger it?

Every intense, sudden and emotional situation can generate a crisis.

  • Accidents
  • Birth
  • Serious diseases
  • Lack of sleep
  • Fasting
  • The death of a loved one
  • Experiences and intense emotions
  • Physical stress
  • Intense spiritual practices or disciplines.

Why is this a topic of interest right now?

Undoubtedly, this is a very interesting time when it comes to human development, as never before in history has humanity been presented with this opportunity to wake up on a large scale. And this is related to the global crisis we are facing, in which we see that there are systems and ways of thinking that no longer serve us to solve the different health, educational, economic and environmental problems. To solve them we must be able to think ourselves and reality in another way, our point of view must change.

Understanding what the spiritual emergency is about allows us to create human networks made up of trained therapists, family members, friends that contain these processes. In short, strengthen ties, learn to take care of ourselves and live in community.