Cuckolding fashion, what does it consist of?

Cuckolding fashion, what does it consist of?

For many people, infidelity is seen as one of the most serious situations within the couple and is, in many cases, cause for rupture.

But there is a type of fetishism that is expanding and looking for this type of deception in order to increase the morbidity in the relationship, its name is "cuckolding" that would be the translation of "cuckold" from English to Spanish. What began as a trend with very little participation has become a massive phenomenon thanks to the Internet.


  • 1 What is cuckolding about?
  • 2 How is it practiced?
  • 3 What motivates this practice?

What is cuckolding about?

Practitioners are usually heterosexual couples and it consists in that a woman has sex with another man and that her partner is a passive spectator of these sitting down to observe the act or that, after the game, she tells the experience to her boyfriend or husband. This will create a morbid that will make the couple's passion revive and gain intensity.

But then does it resemble doing a threesome? No, they are different things, it would be more related to BDSM practices than to trios. The "cuckold" never participates, just observes.

It is a movement that begins to have strength on the Internet from forums and communities dedicated to the exchange of partners.

This practice that is considered fetishist arouses much interest among psychology professionals who wonder why there are men who enjoy seeing their partners with another man or who tell them about the experience in detail.

As practiced?

Cuckolding is talked about as an alternative lifestyle. It has undergone great growth and couples incorporate it into the fantasy role-playing game or as reality. Many people define it as "intellectual fetishism."

The person who practices it is sexually excited by the fantasy or reality of seeing his partner, whom he considers attractive, having sex with another person, usually someone similar to his alter ego.

The excitation can be caused by vicarious experimentation of the sexual relationship in which you are accustomed to being as the protagonist, acting as a spectator increases the levels of excitement in addition to the morbidity that arouses transgression for both the man and the woman since the contract of fidelity of the couple is being broken

What motivates this practice?

We cannot find a single motivation to practice this fetishism, the following are the most common explanations:

  • It is a form of humiliation.. If it is understood as a form of sadomasochism, it is reasonable that you feel pleasure in being humiliated. Not only is being humiliated, it would also be a way of humiliating since it is the cuckold male who decides with whom and under what conditions his partner is unfaithful. Although, not everyone can see it as a humiliation but as a way to strengthen their authority, since the man lends to his wife, whom he imagines as a diva or porn star willing to offer his sexuality to a man eager to enjoy it. So the woman is offered to other men but the owner is still the cuckold and thus the game becomes a way to show and share power and a status symbol.
  • The cuckold feels good since allows your woman to fully enjoy her sexuality.
  • It is a kind of escapism, since the love responsibilities are delegated to another person.
  • There are also experts who consider it a masked bisexuality, Seeing another man having sex is what really excites the viewer. (That is why many times men with bigger penises will be looked for than the cuckold himself).
  • The so-called cuckold is in full control of infidelity, it is possible that this attraction is caused by the fear of the man that his wife is unfaithful and is a way to prepare psychologically Faced with this hypothetical situation.
  • There is even the sperm competition theory. Apparently certain men feel cuckold would make them improve the quality of their sperm. This theory is very controversial for being a biologist.

As is often the case, in most cases it is a mixture of different motivations and causes and we can find social, biological and cultural factors.


Whatever the reason, those who practice it enjoy this fetish. It is a personal option like everything in sex to carry it out or not.

As always to enjoy you have to be somewhat spoiled between the two members of the couple, this will make it a positive experience for many couples. It is also important that the couple has great confidence and respect When consenting to these types of games, they must enjoy both, without demands or pressure.