50 phrases for Tumblr

50 phrases for Tumblr

Tumblr is one of the most used microblog platforms in the world. Thanks to her we can share our hobbies, but it is also normal to see phrases that accompany images and that can become very inspiring. We tell you what are some of the best phrases you can use for Tumblr. Let's see them!

The best phrases for Tumblr

Life is short and we don't know when it's over, so live passionately and learn to feel happiness.

To stop dreaming is to stop living, because dreams are the engine of life.

There are always flowers for those who are willing to see them.

Friendship multiplies the joys and divides the anguishes in half.

Point to the moon. If you don't get to give it, you could at least give a star

There is no better teacher than the worst experience.

Thinking little will not bring you anything great.

Great acts consist of small works.

The important thing is not the years of life, but the amount of life in your years.

It is better to be hated by someone than to be loved by someone I am not.

Lose your dreams and you could lose your mind.

What do I want feet for if I can fly.

Choose a job you like and you won't have to work in your whole life.

Have courage in giving up the good to go big.

For things to change, you are the first thing you have to change.

Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.

If one day you are sad and do not think you are capable of getting something, remember that you were once the fastest sperm of all.

The blows of life are the ones that strengthen, as long as you don't take them as a defeat.

If you shut up, you will die being a coward.

Love leaves even the strongest person helpless.

Before speaking think, and before thinking, read.

There is no better travel companion than a good book.

Do not let any day end without growing a little more.

The only person you really need in your life is the one who shows you that you are essential in theirs.

Loving oneself is a love that lasts a lifetime.

Life starts again every five minutes.

Where there is love, there is life.

Imagination and its power make us infinite.

There is nothing more realistic than asking for the impossible.

If freedom is not used, it is doomed to die.

Life is like jazz, it is much more enjoyed if it is improvised.

Peace is not found if life is avoided.

Knowledge is the best antidote to fear

Miracles are born from the worst difficulties.

The essential is invisible to the eyes.

Look back and smile at the dangers that have already passed, even if you don't forget that you are never safe.

Accepting our limits allows us to reach beyond them.

We become what we think.

Don't count the days that go by, make each one count.

If there is no fight, there will be no strength.

What does not kill you makes you stronger.

A true friend is someone with whom you can show yourself as you are.

Motivation is essential to get going. The habit is gasoline to keep you going.

It is better to lose someone you have loved than never to have loved anyone.

The gaze must go to the stars, and the feet must be on the ground.

If you do not leave the rules behind you will never reach the impossible. Sometimes, it is necessary to transgress them.

Storms are what make the deepest roots in trees grow.

Everything is impossible until it is done, but first you will have to try and fall as many times as necessary until you learn to walk.

Life is very simple, but sometimes we insist on making it complicated.

Don't stop looking at the clock, get on it and keep moving forward.

We have no doubt that with these phrases you will succeed in the universe of Tumblr. So Take note of each of these words and let your imagination fly. Surely you achieve a lot of success both in the Internet universe and in real life, so start up all the teachings of each of these beautiful phrases.