Survivor Syndrome

Survivor Syndrome

Video about Survivor Syndrome

Survivor syndrome is basically a deep guilt that arises when someone survives some tragedy, such as a natural disaster, accident, act of violence, war or other trauma.

In reality, the survivor's guilt was documented for the first time after the Holocaust, and over time it has been proven that it is much more common than initially believed.

What makes the survivor's fault an especially complex syndrome is that the experience varies dramatically from one individual to another. Thus, several people may experience this disorder, but its duration and intensity vary substantially from person to person. Anyway, the underlying feelings are similar: feeling guilty for having survived when another person died and feeling that he does not deserve to live when the other person did not. In some cases, this includes the feeling that he could have done more to save the other, in other cases he feels guilty simply for the death of another person.

The psychologist Xevi Molas explains everything in this interesting video.