Mindfulness solution

Mindfulness solution

The mindfulness practice It helps each of us feel less like a separate self and more as part of a wider world.

In the world of the West developing a healthy psychological maturity involves developing a clear identity and a single sense of self, well-defined limits and a good knowledge of personal needs.

Assume emotionSome mental health professionals use the phrase tolerance of affection to describe the ability to fully feel emotions. This is another ability to get along. If I cannot recognize or tolerate my own feelings, or else I will project them on you or blame you for making me feel a certain way.

The mindfulness practice cultivate the tolerance of affection and therefore gives us much more freedom in relationships.

By spending time with both pleasant and unpleasant experiences, without dispersing with entertainment and distraction, our tolerance for discomfort improves. In addition to seeing ourselves as an integral part of a wider world, and discovering how our sense of separate self is constructed moment by moment we care much less for our conservation. This gives us enormous flexibility in responding to others.

By practicing mindfulness and observing emotions, we attend to them and experience them as they arise from the body. By getting to believe less in habitual narrative thoughts, it is easier to tolerate a whole series of feelings. Even negative emotions can be interesting: we watch them come and go, reach high points and disappear. This new perspective contributes to our flexibility in reacting to them.

Mindfulness makes the mind like a pool of crystalline water, capable of integrating all series of content without being overwhelmed by it. As the mind has become expansive, we no longer feel compelled to get rid of unpleasant sensations or cling to unpleasant ones. We can then practice being with all the emotions that arise in relationships. Y we can be much more flexible in reacting to interpersonal situations, to no longer be so afraid of hurting our feelings.

Ana Tostado

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What is Mindfulness and its health benefits