The second hand car

The second hand car

After much effort, I managed to save € 5600 to buy a used car. Finally I found an offer car that cost € 5000 and had a 15,000Km warranty on parts and labor. The only problem is that I had no tires but at a nearby store I found an offer of tires at € 100 a unit that had 10,000Km of warranty.

With the money available, Can I get a 15,000Km guarantee for the complete car including the tires?


Since the car costs € 5000, I have € 600 to buy 6 tires so I can buy 3 pairs of tires that I will call: N1, N2 and N3. To get the required warranty, I initially put the N1 and N2 tires on the car. When I reach 5,000Km, I change the N2 tires to N3 and after circulating 5,000Km more (10,000Km in total) change N1 (whose 10,000Km warranty is exhausted) by N3 with those that had only circulated 5,000Km and therefore I can circulate 5,000Km more up to 15,000Km. Objective accomplished