The decimals of Pi

The decimals of Pi

I am π, motto and witty reason
Of wise man, what a beautiful series
valuing masterful enunciation.

With my singular law well measured
the Great Orb finally reduced
He went to the real ordinary system.

Archimedes, in precious sciences
create π, famous monument,
and although intimate gave valuation,

periphery of the circle knew,
duplicating geometric group,
resolve and appreciate extension.

Theorem bequeathed, memorable
as weird admirable favor
of the splendid immortal science;

and broad law, philosophical source
of deep truth and ascending
magnitude, discovered universal.

This poem hides the first 80 decimal places of the number π.

Are you able to find them?


In this poem, each figure of π is represented by the number of letters in each word. For example, "I am π, motto" = 3.14

Figures equal to 0 are indicated by ten-letter words, but taking care to subtract one letter from the previous word, in order to restore the computation by means of the corresponding drag. Note lines 7, 11, 15, 16, 17 ("... real. Archimedes ..." = 50)