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The milkman's riddle

The milkman's riddle

In all professions practical problems arise and we can say that nobody is an expert in yours until he has cast a few wrinkles. John the Honest says that what he does not know about milk "is not worth mentioning," but once he was troubled when two clients They asked him to fill his buckets with two quarters of milk each. One carried a four-quarter cube and the other five-quarters. John only had two vats full of 10 gallons of milk each.

This is a problem for jugglers without any trick. But it requires a lot of cunning to throw two exact quarters in those measurements without using any container except the two empty buckets of the clients and the two full vats of John. I assure you there is no trick.


We will call one of the tanks A and the other B and we will show you how the milkman distributed the milk between his two clients like this:

1. Fill the 5-quarter bucket in Cuba A
2. Fill the 4-room cube with the 5-room cube, leaving a room in the 5-room cube.
3. Empty the 4-quart cube in Cuba A.
4. Pour the 5-cube room into the 4-room cube. Fill the 5-quarter cube of Cuba A.
5. Fill the 4-room cube with the 5-room cube, leaving two rooms in the 5-room cube.
6. Empty the 4-quart cube in Cuba A. Fill the 4-quarter cube in Cuba B.
7. Pour the 4-quart cube into bowl A until A is filled, leaving two quarters in the 4-quart cube.
8. Now each of the cubes contains two rooms, tank A is full and in room B four rooms are missing.