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Gustavo Bueno's best phrases

Gustavo Bueno's best phrases

Gustavo Bueno (1924-2016) is considered one of the greatest Spanish philosophers of the twentieth century and early twenty-first. He was a neat author who wrote on topics as varied as philosophy, metaphysics, politics, theology or anthropology.

Gustavo Bueno has been a controversial intellectual, since he has been belligerent with both the left and the political right, as well as the current Party Regime that, according to the author, usurps the democracy in Spain.

Among Gustavo Bueno's most important works are: The transcendental Ego, The faith of the atheist, The meaning of life. Six moral philosophy readingsor Spain versus Europe.

Gustavo Bueno's best phrases

"Science is the maximum control we can have of reality."

"The human soul is the virgin field that, through occupation and learning, cultivates and acquires habits that are superimposed on its nature."

“You have to vote by virtue of honesty, concrete commitments and how you defend them.”

“Catholicism is Roman law plus Greek philosophy. It is our tradition. ”

"For the unbeliever religion is culture, but for the believer it is not culture, but a supernatural act."

“Our alternative in Europe is to go to the queue and serve as a breakwater to the Third World, choosing the path of capitalism. It is surprising that the left has opted for Europe. ”

"The man is between the monkey and the person."

"Nationalism is born of resentment."

“There is no authentic thinking. Thought is, above all, contradiction. No one can say I am an atheist without thinking of God. ”

"Peace is victory, the rest is metaphysical."

"An authentic democracy must establish the death penalty."

“From Spain, everyone has their opinion. In the transition, the left underestimated her, linked her to Franco. It was just a class struggle class. The important thing was to end capitalism. Likewise, this approach was transformed, curiously, into nationalisms. Spain is just a superstructure. In any case, the possibilities of defining Spain are counted on the fingers of one hand. Like regular polyhedra. You can't be creative. ”

"Greater garbage than the Stock Exchange cannot be imagined in the evolution of humanity."

"The elite intends to keep their daydreaming minority awake."

"The Basque nation is an invention of history that has curdled in the minds of fans."

"The King shows little determination in the defense of the unity of the Nation, believes that it may be a kind of little emperor."

“When you overcome the idea of ​​a sublime Europe, you only see an organization of sharks and multinationals that are not above the States, but use them, because without the state police the multinationals would not work.”

"The right is dissolved on the left, it is the same with another name."

"In the elections the people have the illusion of exercising power, but it is not so, of course, there is no general will, that is a metaphysical idea."

"War is characteristic and characteristic of civilization."

"Are we going to let the ideas of some insane and cheesy invade us?"

"The Europe of the common market has Hitler as its first project."

"Politicians checked that kids without doing anything at home were followed by millions and said: Like us."

"Self-help books are for the mentally weak."

“The Catholic Church is Greek philosophy and Roman law. In Catholicism there is much more rationalism than in Lutheranism, which is null, and than in Islam. Lutheranism leads to concentration camps because it is the categorical imperative. ”

"The real, effective Europe is that of industrial capitalism of Lutheran origin."