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40 Chinese Proverbs: Phrases of Chinese Wisdom

40 Chinese Proverbs: Phrases of Chinese Wisdom

Chinese proverbs are small teachings that can help us better understand the world and face everyday difficulties. In this article we summarize some of the main Chinese proverbs. Enjoy them!

The best Chinese proverbs

Pay as much attention to your interior as you pay to your image.

Your will must be more powerful than your desires.

Sadness will always come to you at some point, it is something you cannot avoid; but you can not let it settle in your life.

Take on your responsibilities and solve the problem when it is you who created it

Being afraid to suffer is already a suffering.

It can be more complicated to change a person's personality than nature's own course.

Avoid having secrets if you don't want to be a slave to them.

If you are not afraid, you do not have to be worried.

The worst enemy is the one who does not face.

Do not wait for a problem, avoid having to find a solution.

He who says more is not smarter, but he who is silent.

Nothing happens if you go slowly, but don't stop.

Don't think about how to do it; just do it.

It is necessary to have a measure of things, because excesses are not good.

Experience is the best instruction for man.

The longest path begins by taking a first step.

Think about what you have in this moment, the future is in the air.

Don't ask for love, win it.

Work and perseverance are what will take you to be what you want.

Every team project needs leadership.

There is nothing that is bad or good, it will depend on how we use it.

One day you can be up and be big, but if you don't work to keep it, the little ones can eat you.

To help others is to help yourself.

Time is like the water of a river: nothing remains, it is always different.

There are no infallible cures for what is hopeless. Science does not work miracles.

The little stones of everyday life will be a mountain in the future.

Time does not return, so take advantage of the opportunity and energy you have today, because in the future you will miss it.

Do not be afraid to have mistakes, because these will be the ones that teach you not to have them.

Pay attention to small mistakes, as they can have big consequences.

Make decisions with temperance and don't get carried away by emotions.

Negative experiences will help you not to make the same mistakes in the future.

To reach great goals, it is sometimes necessary to take the most difficult paths.

Worry about others and you will have your reward.

If you want to reach a good port, leave your comfort zone and do not settle.

Go quiet and without making noise and you will get where you want.

Learning to depend on yourself is a long-term bet; Relying on others only gives you security today.

Time changes and so does the person. Therefore, no two moments are the same.

If someone does something repeatedly, it is not something exceptional; It is his tendency.

Any path is good if you don't know what your destiny is.

If you receive love, you will be a poet; If you are poor, you will be a thief.

In short, the chinese proverbs They are ideal for relativizing and learning to take our lives as a continuous opportunity to grow. It is time to take note of them and let these teachings guide your life. Surely if you do, you get very far!