How to create our own happiness?

How to create our own happiness?

Happiness is not an event, a stroke of luck or a mood that keeps us elated, happy and jumping for one or several days, which depends on our work, our boss or if we win the lottery. Happiness is a state of peace and tranquility accompanied by satisfaction that does not depend on external factors to manifest, even in difficult times, a person can be happy using their internal resources.

It is important to be clear about this distinction since happiness does not depend on others, on circumstances, on economic abundance or luck in life, but it is exclusively our choice to decide to be happy or not. People are happy or not, they are not simply happy, as in a passing state.

The keys to happiness

There are 4 small keys to help you build that permanent happiness that we all deserve

Work with the dark areas and wounds of your personal history

We all have some. Many times we have been carrying blame, resentment, anguish and anger from the past. Even unresolved issues that do not allow us to find the peace and tranquility we need. In addition to cleaning your story allows you to access those spaces full of talents and light that you have forgotten, focusing on other things. There are several ways to achieve this change: psychotherapies, meditation, helping others, reading good books, homeopathy, among others that will allow you to make the best of yourself.

Learn that before anything that happens to you in life you have options

Before a situation, a person, a problem or something that we do not like and that is beyond our control we have several options such as, for example, we go down the street and a taxi driver passes through a puddle and does not leave completely wet we can get angry , lament, shout, blame our bad luck, the rain, that that day we did not take a car, the client who arrived late that day or we can assume that we are wet, alive and as long as we continue walking in the sun, we will eventually dry up, It will be uncomfortable, but it has a solution and we have alternatives. If the situation or event that bothers you is under your control, then you can take care of it and modify it to be as annoying as possible for you. Remember that we can always change something, even if it is only our attitude towards things.

Do things you like and enjoy

Happiness is created with small moments that happen every day, surround yourself with experiences and people you really enjoy, in this way you will be enriching your life in an incredible way. Life is formed of adventures and moments that cannot be bought with money. So if your work brings you more sadness than joy, and you realize that you spend more time solving issues with a computer than with your family or friends, it is time that you stop to think if that is what leaves you calm and peaceful .

Use your talents

We all have abilities and skills within us that allow us to teach the world our true nature and inner beauty, every time you can bring out that for which you are really good, no matter how big or small your talent is, the important thing is that you leave it free and allow it to show the world what will bring you success and abundance. Remember we all have one.

Finally and most importantly, you know that you are capable of creating your happiness, you do not need a stroke of luck, or an extraordinary miracle, with the simple fact of having the will to achieve it you can do anything.

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