Phrases about depression and motivation to overcome

Phrases about depression and motivation to overcome

Find here the best phrases of depression and overcoming. The word Depression comes from Latin and means dejected or shot down. Talk about a fall, a sinking or a hole. The meaning of this word has caused us to associate it with a moment of melancholy, pain and sadness.

Depression is something that affects many people in the world, fortunately there are numerous treatments and ways to overcome this problem.

To help you along the way, we have compiled phrases in two blocks. The first are quotes or aphorisms that reveal this mood, the second block are encouragement and overcoming phrases.

Famous phrases about depression

Some people on the outside seem to be iron, but inside we are crystal.

Your emotions should not be paralyzing. They should not defend themselves. They shouldn't stop you from being everything you can be. Wayne W. Dyer

I admire people who live without problems, who look at the world with carefreeness. Unlike them, I suffer more from the account.

Sometimes I feel sad, tired and miserable for no reason.

Depression is fed due to uncured wounds. Penelope Sweet

How wonderful my life has been, I wish I had realized it before. Colette

I live in a nightmare from which I occasionally get up in a dream.

Depression is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign that you have been strong for too long.

Depression is when you look down and you don't see your feet.

All I want from life is that this pain has a purpose.

Depression is anger without enthusiasm.

Depression is the inability to build a future.

Your tears will never end ... but if you continue like this, your life and that of those with your illness will.

The most terrible of all feelings is the feeling of having dead hope. Garcia Lorca

Every thought is a battle. Every inspiration is a war, and I don't think I will win anymore.

The man who is afraid without danger invents the danger to justify his fear. Alain

All people have their secret sorrows of which the world does not know and sometimes, we call them cold when they are only sad.

Where one door closes, another opens. Cervantes

Depression is a prison in which you are both the prisoner and the cruel jailer. Dorthy Rowe.

If you cry for not seeing sunlight, tears won't let you see the light of the stars. Rabindranath Tagore.

Depression is like a pool full of mud in which we voluntarily immerse ourselves.

Anger is energizing. The opposite of anger is depression, which is anger turned inward. Gloria Steinem

You have nothing to be afraid of as much as fear. Franklin D

It's sad how one day I seem to have everything and the next day I lose everything so fast.

Excessive thinking is the beginning of a depression.

Not everyone cries the same way, there are smiles that hide thousands of tears.

Depression is like a bruise that never goes away. A bruise on your mind.

I don't want to be free of dangers, I just want courage to face them. Marcel Proust

It's sad how one day I seem to have everything and the next day I lose everything so fast.

You are perfect as I remember, but painful as forgetfulness.

It is better to be alone, than with someone who has a harder heart than a stone.

Depression and I are friends, but I don't like your company.

Love leaves us with the best experiences, but pain brings us the greatest teachings ...

Sometimes smiles on the outside indicate battles on the inside.

People with low self-esteem and who are easily overwhelmed by stress are more predisposed to depression.

The problem with impossible love is that it takes us a lifetime to forget them.

Like any other disease, depression can be cured for those who can live happily.

Sometimes you look for something and even if you don't find it, you keep looking and looking as if it were going to appear. It also happens with the heart.

Each day begins with an act of courage and hope: getting out of bed.

During depression the world disappears. And also the language. You have nothing to say. Not something small, nor anecdotes. Because the inner voice is more urgent; he wonders, How should I live?

Motivational phrases for overcoming depression

Don't think more about your mistakes and failures of the past, since this is only going to bring pain to your heart, grief and depression. Do not repeat it in the future. Swami Sivananda

In large part, you built your depression. It was not given to you. Therefore, you can destroy it. Albert Ellis

I've had many dark nights, of course, but giving in to depression would be a betrayal, a defeat. Christopher Hitchens

Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting. Napoleon Hill

The far away is only far away, but we travel there.

The key to change is to free yourself from fear. Rosanne Cash

The biggest barrier to success is the fear of defeat. Sven Goran

Remembering something bad is like carrying a burden on the mind. Buddha

However long the storm is, the sun always shines again among the clouds. Khalil Gibran

I walk slowly, but I never walk backwards. Abraham Lincoln.

Our brain is the best toy ever created. In him are all the secrets, even that of happiness. Charlie Chaplin

Let's value everything around us, because tomorrow may be too late.

While you wait for what will never come, what you least expected appears.

Happiness is not to do what one wants but to want what one does. Jean Paul

At each dawn there is a vivid poem of hope, and, when we go to bed, let's think it will dawn. Noel Clarasó

We cannot solve problems by thinking in the same way as when we created them. Albert Einstein

When you fall and reach the ground, think that now you can only go up.

The greatest revenge is to achieve what others say you cannot do.

Not even your worst enemy can harm you as much as your own thoughts. Buddha

Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat. F. Scott Fitzgerald

It will never be too late to seek a new and better world, if in the effort we put courage and hope.

In reality, it is our decisions that determine what we can become, much more than our own abilities. J. K. Rowling

Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of its overcoming. Helen Keller

Turn the walls that appear in your life into steps towards your goals.

Rejoice, the worst is over, shake off the dust and give a hug today to someone who needs it more than you, you will feel better.

To fail is not to fall, to fail is to refuse to get up.

Courage is not the absence of fear but the ability to face it. John putnam

If you can't feel anxiety about the past, it makes no sense to get depressed about the future.

Don't worry, it only falls who is standing. Those who have never fallen, it is because they have probably crawled all their lives.

The great discovery of my generation is that human beings can change their lives by changing their mental attitudes. William James

Good things happen to those who wait for them. The best to those who go for them ...

The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. Marco Aurelio

Bottoming is not a weekend retreat, it is not a damn seminar. Stop trying to control everything and let go at once.

If you think you are poor ... put a price on your hands. You will understand how lucky you are.

Cry with someone. It relieves more than crying alone.

Do not make your life a draft, you may not have time to spend it clean.

Do not forget that the more you suffer, the stronger you can become; because if you get over it, you'll be much better than before you felt bad.

The greatest glory of life does not lie in never falling, but in getting up every time we fall. Nelson Mandela

Record this in your heart, every day is the best of the year. W. Emerson

Life every day offers you a new opportunity to be happy, it is called: "TODAY"

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