Famous phrases of Ignacio de Loyola

Famous phrases of Ignacio de Loyola

Ignacio de Loyola (Loyola, Spain, 1491 - Rome, 1556) was a Spanish military and religious, founder of the Jesuits. Charismatic and devout leader of the Catholic Church.

Ignacio de Loyola It began soon in the Castilian weapons. When he was 30 years old, he was seriously injured in a battle. During his convalescence he read avidly religious books, which led him to adopt a holy life and to do poverty vote.

Ignacio de Loyola He would end up dedicating himself completely to religious life, to doing good deeds and to social work. He published some important works such as Spiritual Exercises, who made their thoughts known to the entire world.

Famous phrases of Ignacio de Loyola

"What is the use of winning the world, if in the end you lose your soul?"

"The first preamble is history."

“For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who do not believe, no amount of evidence is enough. ”

"Jesus, for nothing in the world would I leave you!"

"The examination of conscience is always the best means to take good care of the soul."

"Achieve excellence and share it."

"God will provide what seems best."

"The more our soul detaches itself from things, the closer it will be to our Creator."

"He who avoids temptation avoids sin."

"Jesus, be my guide, lead me."

"Love has to be put more in deeds than in words."

“Take, Lord and receive all my freedom, my memory, my understanding and all my will. You gave it to me; To you Lord, I turn it around. Have all your will and give me love and grace, that this is enough for me, without asking you for anything else. ”

"We must try to preserve the friendship and benevolence of those who govern and win over people of authority with humility, modesty and good offices."

"I don't deserve, Lord, how much I receive!"

"In time of desolation never make move."

"What do you want, Lord, from me?"

“Pray as if everything depended on God. Work as if everything depended on you. ”

"How vile the earth seems to me when I look at the sky!"

"Not having moderation is often a cause for good to become evil and virtue for vice."

"The renunciation of one's will is better than resuscitating the dead."