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Famous phrases of Pierre Drieu La Rochelle

Famous phrases of Pierre Drieu La Rochelle

Pierre Drieu La Rochelle He was born, lived and died in Paris between 1893 and 1945, when he committed suicide when France was invaded by the Allies during the Second World War.

Pierre Drieu La Rochelle was an extremely controversial, romantic writer, essayist and journalist, who marked French culture during the first half of the 20th century. He militated in the French Popular Party, joined fascism and ended up collaborating with Nazi Germany.

Finally, seeing the drift of Germany in the war, he became disenchanted and moved away from the movement, coming to propose the "European socialism", that would pick up the spirit so much of the left as of the right more radical In any case, and seeing that neither fascism nor National Socialism they would end up winning the conflict, he supported Communism. Anything before the democracy, which he considered rotten and degenerate.

Political thought aside, the truth is that Pierre Drieu La RochelleHe left us works of outstanding depth and quality. Perhaps he was a person of his time, trying to find himself in an extremely complex and changing environment, immersed in a great conflict.

Famous phrases of Pierre Drieu La Rochelle

"I did everything with full awareness, during my life, according to my idea of ​​the duties of an intellectual."

“Every day I expected the madnesses of the eve to be fixed as in the magic of the stories; I had not been able to give up the pleasure of trusting the future, which is the delight of youth. ”

"I would like to be part of the brotherhood of the suicides. Finally, it is a noble brotherhood."

"Women complain about the abruptness of men, but when they find a man who is sensitive to the ceremonies of love, they never have time for him."

"It is human as we cheat our dogmas."

"And that third party should not preach the concord, it must impose it. It should not juxtapose elements taken from the right and the left, but impose them to merge into its bosom."

“I am fascist because I have measured the progress of the decline in Europe. I have seen in fascism the only means of containing and reducing this decline. ”

"The fascist brings together the qualities that have long been forgotten and today dissociated and sometimes even opposite: the properties of the monk and the athlete."

“What will happen to me if the Germans are defeated? Can I survive until the new drama of communism-democracy takes place? Should I kill myself before? Or would I go into exile? We are in the time of the first century before and the first century after Jesus Christ, a time of exiles, of proscriptions, of suicides. ”

“With the sinking of fascism I attach my last thoughts to communism. I wish his triumph, which does not seem right immediately, but likely in the long term. I wish the triumph of totalitarian man over the world. The time of the divided man has passed; the time of the reunified man returns. Tired of so much dust in the individual, that dust of individuals in the mass. And then, the time has come for man to bow down, to obey ... before a voice stronger in him than all voices. ”

"I have always liked to gather and mix the contradictory: Nation and Europe, socialism and aristocracy, freedom of thought and authority, mysticism and anticlericalism."

“From now on, part of those values ​​will be represented by Russia. I do not believe in communism or in National Socialism. I have fought communism in Europe too long to join its ranks. I greet you, but I'm leaving; and I don't trust even a hair of the French communists. ”

“For the rest, my hatred for democracy makes me wish for the triumph of communism. In the absence of fascism and in contact with the Germans, I have seen how far fascism was insufficient both against democracy and against capitalism - only communism can actually put Man at the foot of the wall and make him admit again and how not he had admitted since the Middle Ages, the fact that he has Amos. ”

“I didn't believe at all, by killing myself, finding myself in contradiction with the idea of ​​immortality that I had always felt alive in me. On the contrary, it was precisely because I believed in immortality that I was precipitated into death with such force. I believed that what we call death is nothing more than the threshold beyond which life continues or, at least, something of what we call life, something that is precisely its essence. ”

"There is an immense bourgeoisie that absorbs everything and that engulfs the aristocrats, the peasants and the workers: the bourgeoisie, an instrument of democracy, that immense putrid swamp outside of which nothing is found."

"When all humans have a car, they will have to deal with other more delicate problems or die."

"There are no more than" modern "people in business, people with profit or salary, who only think about it and do not discuss more than that. Everyone lacks passions, they fall prey to the corresponding vices; they walk satisfied by the trinket universe that the modern world has become, where very soon no spiritual brightness will penetrate. "

“In a week I will be fifty years old. For certain parts I am seventy, for other sixteen. My body is gnawed in half and in half flourishing. I retain a prodigious naivety, interrupted by science and cunning. My heart is dead for passion and is more tender. ”