Famous phrases of Otto von Bismarck

Famous phrases of Otto von Bismarck

Otto von Bismarck, nicknamed the "iron chancellor," he was a German politician and statesman, and the great architect of German reunification. Skilful politician, he crushed all his external and internal enemies and put the Germans to work together for the honor and glory of Greater Germany.

Otto von Bismarck He lived between 1815 and 1898. He was born in the years in which the Napoleonic Empire finished with him Holy Roman German Empire and razed with Germany. Bismarck, and the rest of the Germans, would take their revenge by crushing France in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870.

The policies of of Otto von Bismarckresulted in the great economic and military takeoff of Germany, which became one of the largest powers of the world. The British Empire, France and the United States, would feel threatened by the resurgence of the Homeland of the Germans.

A New Empire; scientific, cultural, economic and military power, which the old powers would try to make disappear by any means. This, together with German militarism, would precipitate years later the Big war World.

Famous phrases of Otto von Bismarck

"It is a great evil to not know how to say yes or no with resolution."

"The man who fears nothing is as strong as he who is feared by everyone."

“The politician thinks about the next election; the statesman, in the next generation. ”

"The big questions will not be decided through speeches and votes, but with blood and steel."

"When someone says they agree, in principle, to do something, it means they have no intention of doing so."

"There are times when a government must be liberal and others when it must be dictatorial: here everything changes and there is no eternity."

“We live a wonderful time, in which the strong is weak because of his scruples, and the weak strong because of his audacity.”

"Freedom is a luxury that not everyone can afford."

"Politics is not an exact science."

"Journalists are people who have failed in their career."

"Never lie as much as before the elections, during the war and after the hunt."

"Take care of those who only see disorder in noise and peace in silence."

“We Germans fear God; but to nothing else in the world. ”

"Spain is the strongest country in the world, it has been trying to destroy itself for centuries and has not yet succeeded."

"The amazing thing about Spain is that with such an inept political class the country still exists."

"Nothing that comes from France can be good."

"With the laws it happens as with sausages, it is better not to see how they are made."

"Politics should not try to avenge the wrong done, but to take care that it does not reproduce."

"If there is ever another war in Europe, it will be the result of some damn stupidity in the Balkans."

"A good speaker must have something of a writer, the truth must not be taken with mathematical precision."

“Even in a declaration of war the rules of urbanity must be observed. "

“I always pass on the good advice they give me. It's the only thing they serve. ”

"A conquering army stationed at the border is not stopped eloquently."

"Rule to iron and blood."

“I never bowed to anyone, but I always did it with respect when I heard the illustrious name of Canovas del Castillo pronounced.”

And then a shout broke the heart:

You will not be Prussians anymore, you will be Germans ...

End here, Zollern, your glorious story,

Here a king fell, but not in the contest.