Famous phrases of Euripides

Famous phrases of Euripides

Euripides He is considered one of the great Greek tragic poets. He lived between the years 480 to 406 a. C. in the Classic Greece. With a life full of misfortunes and difficulties, in which he even had to leave his land because of war, he expressed his emotions and thoughts in important literary works such as:

  • Electra
  • Heracles
  • Medea
  • Orestes
  • The Trojans
  • Etc.

Famous phrases of Euripides

"Question everything, learn something, but don't expect any answers."

"There is only one life for each of us: ours."

“If you have words stronger than silence, speak. If you don't have them, then keep silent. ”

"Don't waste fresh tears on past pains."

"In human nature there is generally more foolish than wise."

"The expected does not happen, it is the unexpected that happens."

"By sustaining that there are gods, isn't it that we deceive ourselves with unreal lies and dreams, being that only chance and change itself control the world?"

"Everything changes in this world, and inconstant is human life, and subject to many mistakes."

“The superior man is the one who is always faithful to hope; not persevering is cowardly. ”

"It is easier to give advice than to suffer adversity with strength."

"No one is happy throughout his life."

“Fortune will always confer whoever owns it, an aura of courage, unworthily; and in this world, the lucky person goes through a genius. ”

"In goodness there is all kinds of wisdom."

“Human life is full of torments, and there is no rest in our hardships; and if it is so sweet to live, maybe the darkness of death envelops us. ”

"I know very well that evil comes from what I think, but my anger is even worse than my thoughts, anger leads mortals to incur the worst evils."

"There is nothing that can stand between real friends."

“Who knows if what we call death is nothing but life; And death, instead what we judge is life? ”

"No one is truly free, is a slave to wealth, fortune, the law or other people who prevent them from acting according to their will."

"The wisest men follow their own course."

"There is, in the worst of possibilities, the best chance of a happy change."

"Man does not live on bread, but really."

“The dead don't care what their funerals are like. Sumptuous funerals serve to satisfy the vanity of the living. ”

"When a good man is hurt, everyone who considers himself good must suffer with him."

“In this life you have to die several times and then be reborn. And the crises, although frightening, help us to cancel one era and inaugurate another. ”

"Do not look far away, neglecting what you have nearby."

“The best and safest thing is to maintain a balance in your life, recognize the great power around us. If you can live that way, you are a wise person. ”

"There is nothing more dear to an elderly father than a daughter."

"Oh! Precious balm of sleep, relief from evils, how I thank you for coming to me in times of need."

"Work is the father of glory and happiness."

"The man who boasts in his lot will be overthrown by destiny."


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