70 phrases of Sophocles

70 phrases of Sophocles

Sophocles (497 BC - 406 BC) was an eminent Greek poet, in fact, along with Aeschylus and Euripides, he is one of three tragic authors of ancient Greece whose works have survived. He wrote more than 120 works in the course of his life, but only seven are completely preserved: Ajax, Antígona, Mujeres de Trachis, Oedipus Rex, Electra, Filoctetes and Oedipus in Colono.

For almost 50 years, Sophocles was the most famous playwright in the competitions of the city of Athens that took place during the religious festivals of Lenaea Y Dionysia. He participated in 30 competitions, won 24 and was never below second place.

He actively participated in the political life of Athens. Between 443 and 442 a. C. Apparently, Sophocles was not a great politician but he loved his city and refused to go to other cities in order not to leave Athens. He was also a theoretician: He wrote a treatise About the choir, and he is credited with the increase of two to three in the number of actors, thus the number of coreutas from twelve to fifteen, introduced the scenography and founded the so-called Tiaso of the muses, where the muses were worshiped and art was talked about . After his death, he was revered as if he were a hero, with the name of Dexio.

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Famous quotes of Sophocles

A word frees us from all the weight and pain of life: that word is love.

Of all the evils, the most painful are those that inflict oneself.

All men make mistakes, but a good man gives in when he knows that his course is wrong and repairs evil. The only crime is pride.

A man, although wise, should never be ashamed of learning more, and must stray from his mind.

The truth is always the strongest argument.

He who dispenses with a friend is like he who dispenses with his life.

A fearful man is always listening to things.

Lying in the midst of misery, the soul sees a lot.

I was not born to share hate, but love.

Many things are mysterious, but none is more mysterious than man.

Time, which sees all things, has discovered you.

A lot of wisdom often goes with fewer words.

What people believe prevails over the truth.

You must remember that nobody lives a life free of pain and suffering.

The path that I have followed, I have followed without knowing anything.

The wicked man is known in a single day; to know the right man it takes more time.

A lie never lives to be old.

The truth hates the delay.

Children are the anchors of a mother's life.

What greater wound is there than a false friend?

Who has not suffered what I, who does not give me advice.

There is no tomorrow for the one that does not end today.

Man is air and shadow only.

All men's concerns go wrong when they want to cure evil with evil.

To fear, among many other things, tyranny is doing well.

Our happiness depends on wisdom at all times.

It is difficult to speak well when you are wrong.

Ignorance is a difficult evil to conquer.

Fortune is not on the side of the faint of heart.

The task of a good man is to help those in disgrace.

Wisdom compensates for any wealth.

A man who is pleased to speak continuously deceives himself thinking that he is not unpleasant for those around him.

Goodness gives birth to goodness.

Let men be wise by instinct if they can, but when this fails, be wise with good advice.

If we always helped each other, nobody would need luck.

Not being born can never be the greatest favors.

Laziness is the mother of all evils.

Without work nothing thrives.

I fear nothing, for I keep the truth, which is powerful.

The world is full of wonders, but nothing is as wonderful as man himself.

I firmly believe that there is no bad reason if it benefits.

Opinions have greater power than the strength of the hands.

The type of man who always thinks he is right, that his opinions, his pronouncements, are the last word, once exposed, shows nothing. But a wise man has much to learn without losing dignity.

There is no worse enemy than bad advice.

Nobody loves the messenger who brings bad news.

The noble must live with honor or with honor die.

It is better to fail honestly than to succeed due to fraud.

Those who really love life are those who are aging.

The heavens never help the man who does not want to act.

Money is the worst currency that has grown among mankind. Loot cities, take men out of their homes, teach and corrupt the most valuable minds.

There is something threatening in a silence that is too big.

There are occasions when justice itself produces liabilities.

He who is good in family is also a good citizen.

One day is enough to raise or lower all human fortunes.

See then if you must do it, but remember, no matter how silly your actions are, those who love you will still love you.

Opportunity is the best captain of every effort.

The same story is always repeated: each individual thinks only of himself.

When it comes to a mortal, he must wait for his last day before calling him happy.

For those who know how to return a goodness they have received, they must be a friend above all price.

Everything is disgust when one leaves his own nature and does things that do not suit him.

The sweetest life is to not think about anything.

If my body is enslaved, my mind is free.

The most beautiful human fact is to be useful to others.

The worst evil of man is thoughtlessness.

Quick decisions are insecure decisions.

Crying beyond due, with that immense pain you wither away, without your crying being seen as a solution to misfortune.

Don't do anything in secret; because time sees and hears all things, and reveals everything.

I would even prefer to fail with honor to win by cheating.

For men, nothing lasts: neither the starry night, nor the misfortunes, nor the wealth; All this suddenly one day has fled.

Without forming judgment, you should not speak.