Withdrawal of silence, discover all its benefits

Withdrawal of silence, discover all its benefits

When the vital circumstances surpass us, the first thing we think is that we would like to be on a desert island for a long time. Given this situation, we can take two measures: go to a desert island and possibly starve ourselves or make a silence retreat. Silence retreats exist and are more present than it seems. However, if we want to access them we must look for specific information, since they are not sold to us in the travel agencies nor are they in fashion on social networks.

Throughout this article it will be explained what a silence retreat is and what it consists of. Some advice will also be offered and the benefits they provide will be addressed. The article will briefly address this type of activity since the best thing to know is to do one. Despite being able to seem somewhat mystical and that "does not go with us", Silence retreats are open to all those who want to go and learn to connect with themselves..

What is a silence retreat?

A retreat, as its name implies, consists in withdrawing from daily life and all that this implies for a stipulated time.. In general, retreat centers usually organize them of different lengths: one weekend, one week, ten days, two weeks ... There are also withdrawals of one month, three months and even several years, but unless we have time and we want to dedicate ourselves to a more spiritual life, with a maximum of ten days withdrawals it is enough to "transform" our life.

The ideal, For those who have never made a silent retreat, it is to start with one of a weekend. The total disconnection from day to day can overwhelm many people, so it is preferable to take full advantage of a two or three day retreat than to have a bad time in one of ten. Even so, it is necessary to know that if we are overwhelmed we can leave it or speak with the person in charge to communicate our discomfort.

On the other hand, In a retreat it is advisable to disconnect the mobile phone or have it in airplane mode (only use it for alarm). It is recommended not to write or read. Although it is our first retreat and it is not very strict, there is no problem in reading any spiritual reading or writing our experience as a newspaper. Great Buddhist teachers such as Lama Rinchen, affirm that if you choose to read a book, it is recommended that it be the biography of a great teacher, so it can serve as an inspiration.

Meditation and talks

One of the main points of this type of retreat is meditation and talks on different topics. In general, when a retreat is done, there is usually a teacher or a monitor who teaches meditation and directs several meditations throughout the day. At the same time, it also offers talks about love, compassion and self-knowledge. Thus, we investigate our being and expand the way we see ourselves, others and life in general.


Little by little, some tips are being written down throughout the text, however, a series of recommendations are now going to be presented to make the most of the retreat.

  • Disconnect the mobile. The goal of a retreat is to disconnect from everything that surrounds us in our day to day and give us time only for us. If we are still hooked to the mobile it will not have the desired effect. So, disconnecting the phone from when we enter until we leave will be essential for the withdrawal of silence to heat us and take effect.
  • Avoid talking As the name implies, silence will be very important. Thus, we begin to be with ourselves and listen to our thoughts. It is time to face our mind.
  • Full attention. Although in the retreat they give us meditation classes, it is advisable to fully attend to everything we do. When we walk around the place, we will do it at every step. When we eat, we will taste the food and serve our plate. Thus, by being present in what we do, we will learn to live the moment and disconnect from negative emotions.

Benefits of a silence retreat

The benefits depend largely on the duration of the withdrawal and the type. In this article we will address those retreats in which teachings on meditation are offered.

  • Relaxation. One of the first benefits is relaxation. Thanks to a quiet place, to be retired from day to day, meditation and silence, one of the first benefits we get in a general relaxation. Both our body and our mind benefit from this state of relaxation.
  • Calm mind. Meditation and silence will help us in the great task of having a calm mind. Living in an increasingly demanding society, it may seem impossible to give our mind a break. However, it is possible thanks to these types of withdrawals.
  • Anger reduction. Due to relaxation and our calmer mind, we become less irascible. What could bother us before, now we see it from another perspective. Above all, if we have received spiritual talks about love and compassion. In addition, by calming our mind, our altered emotional state is also "deactivated", so we are less reactive to aversive external stimuli.
  • Increase in happiness By relaxing the mind, by understanding ourselves better as others and life, our happiness increases. We begin to see phenomena in another way and our way of seeing life changes.

Final reflection

This article has briefly reviewed what is a withdrawal of silence and what are its benefits. As much as it is written, until we experience it, we will not really know all the potential it has. So, the sooner we make one, the sooner we can enjoy its benefits. What are we waiting for to give ourselves time only and exclusively for us? In case we don't deserve it?